A love affair in an odd disguise.

What do I want to call it? How do I want it to look? Do I want a post slider? One or two columns? Oh I like her blog, I wonder how she did that. Man I’ve been doing this for hours and I still can’t work out how to create a menu. Oh wow, this theme is fabulous.

Definitely going with this one. You’re kidding me, it’s not bloody mobile optimized. Blogging gurus say they need to be mobile optimized. Shit. Why do they even make unoptimized themes these days?

Yep. That’s just a snapshot of what went through my mind four months ago when I was developing my blog. In the end I finally committed to my love affair with food, a single column layout and a custom header.

But ever since I typed in the rectangle box and confirmed that my blog come to life, it just hasn’t felt right.

Before blog, I had the name broccoli and blueberries in mind. And really it wasn’t until that long ago that it was still stored as a note in my iPhone.

I love broccoli. I also love blueberries, and a bit of alliteration goes alright too. But the whole ‘is it too dietitiany?’ thing stopped me.

But heck. I am a dietitian. I like it. And I’m doing it. It’s an odd combination, but really, I’m a little odd. So, in my eyes it’s perfect.

So while things look different, I assure you nothing has changed. I still love everything about food and I’ll still be instagramming my breakfast.

Even if it’s just another bowl of overnight oats topped with blueberries.

Emma xo


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