October rambles: fermented food & feeding the bugs in our gut.

Insert starting line of my August and July rambles, with a shout out to September who was forgotten. I don’t like this ageing thing. Time is passing too quickly, and sometimes I wonder if I have really achieved much . A quick look back at August and my reading/wanting/looking/playing situation is very much the same. Continue reading


August rambles.

I think every time I have written a post this year I’ve said ‘it’s been a while between posts’. But has it ever. I might as well write September rambles because 2017 has got a way on me. This post is inspired by Heidi, who is inspired by Pip.

COOKING & EATING: My kitchen is very much similar to my July rambles – still lots of roast pumpkin and sweet potato, and grilled zucchini and whatever other greens I have in the fridge. Continue reading