August rambles.

I think every time I have written a post this year I’ve said ‘it’s been a while between posts’. But has it ever. I might as well write September rambles because 2017 has got a way on me. This post is inspired by Heidi, who is inspired by Pip.

COOKING & EATING: My kitchen is very much similar to my July rambles – still lots of roast pumpkin and sweet potato, and grilled zucchini and whatever other greens I have in the fridge. Beans, peas, brussels sprouts (!). I’m still eating eggs for breakfast. I’ve run out of turmeric, which is somewhat a blessing (I managed to stain many tea towels, my shellac polish and even my cookie monster pyjamas), but also very sad. I miss turmeric roasted cauliflower.

I have introduced miso paste into the cooking repertoire – this paste is made by fermenting soybeans and grains (ie rye or barley or rice etc) with salt and a fungus called Aspergillus oryzae; it’s a staple in the Japanense cuisine.  I am loving this recipe for salmon & soba noodle bowels bowls (I ALWAYS write bowels) with ginger miso broth. I love ginger and soba noodles and ginger and edamame and salmon and ginger, so I had to try this recipe. I have also tried this caramelised miso eggplant & tofu stir fry which made me really really like eggplant (not a vegetable that has frequented my kitchen in the past).


Somedays  I am super organised for lunch, other days I just go home and eat yoghurt + fruit + muesli + nuts + peanut butter. Chris & I have been trying nearly every apple pie/crumble in the supermarket. In fact, one night that’s what we had for dinner. Another night we made sweet potato gnocchi from scratch, and served it with a burnt butter & sage sauce. That was nice. I am also currently obsessed with having avocado & this Botanical Cuisine ‘botanical might’ spread on toast. I’m grateful that my friend Nicole surprised me with a new jar last weekend. I’m also really ravenous this week. This week has been the first week that my egg and vege breakfast situation hasn’t got me through to lunch. Thinking about it now, I know why all my patients have a loss of appetite this week. I think I’ve found them.


READING: I’m attempting to get back into reading. I have an array of books on my bedside. Currently reading: Eat what you love, love what you eat by Michelle May – this one is about mindful eating. Next on the list is ‘The Life-changing magic of not giving a f**k‘ by Sarah Knight.  Other books on the side table include ‘In defence of food‘ by Michael Pollan, ‘I like you just the way I am‘ by Jenny Mollen, and ‘The Happiness Project’ by Gretchen Rubin.

WANTING: a new lounge suite. Ours is maroon. Comfy, but maroon.

LOOKING: Orange. My hands are still orange. One day on the wards, a new doctor attempted to educate me on sources of beta-carotene. For a while I did actively try to reduce my consumption, and this week I really only had pumpkin once, but I think that is just because I am not committed to the pumpkin prep lately.

PLAYING: with After Pay too much.

DECIDING: between Cambodia or Laos. We have approx. one week up our sleeves after Vietnam late November. I feel people seem to do Vietnam + Cambodia, or Vietnam + Cambodia + Laos. Laos seems the less travelled of the two.  I would welcome your thoughts.

BUYING: So many indoor plants. But I need to tell you something – Instagram lies (you kind of knew that already though, right?). House plants are not easy to keep looking green and shiny and perfect, especially when your house is an igloo. I either underwatered or overwatered my monstera deliciosa, that or I didn’t put it a bright enough spot or it was cold. I’ve moved it now and cut of the two massive yellowy-green, brown tipped leaves and it hasn’t gone down hill, but the new baby leaves have not grown either. Currently my fiddle-leaf fig is either over or underwatered. I’m not sure which one, I’m too scared to overwater it so maybe it is underwatered, but it doesn’t feel dry either. The rest of the plants are doing okay. I think.


WATCHING: Suits with my main man, Gypsy & Offspring with my hot water bottle. We’ve recently finished the fifth season of Orphan Black – I loved that series.

SMELLING: My new lemongrass candle. This one from The Crazy Candle Lady smells a bit like lemonade icy poles.

WISHING: Kmart was in Hamilton, and it’s open 24/7. I miss that about Melbourne.

FEELING: Cold, and a little bit flat. Very hungry too.

MISSING: One half of my Grandma and Grandad. My darling Grandma Wendy went on a permanent shopping trip just over three weeks ago now, and our hearts are broken. Which is probably why somedays I eat apple pie for dinner or don’t feel motivated to go to PT or can be bother peeling & chopping pumpkin. Life has changed and it’s weird.

Happy Sunday x


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