The secret to a perfectly flat cake.

I’m crazy. I’m the type of person that bakes eight cakes on a 34 degree Melbourne day. Two would have been probably been sufficient, and make for a much cooler house too. But, anyway. I have a secret.

I like to bake. (That’s no secret). Although, what you may not know is that a simple chocolate cake doesn’t do the trick for me.

Multiple layers, crazy cutting, expensive shopping lists and way too much licking of the mixing bowl seems to be how it pans out. All. the. time.


But when it comes to baking, cakes that rise unevenly are the bane of my existance.


I bake, I freeze, I cut and I ice. It’s inefficient and I eat way too much left over cake. Especially with the ganache. (Perfect opportunity to make sure they work together, right?)

Anyway. One evening, after a stressful afternoon of cutting & levelling and then cutting & assembling a checkerboard cake, I was shared a secret.


It was crazy.

Wrap your cake tin in a wet tea towel.


 And as Tahlia’s mum said, ‘What better place to have a fire than in your oven’. Valid point.

So I tried it.


Mind blown.

 Today, I tried it again.

IMG_4967 IMG_4968

It still blows my mind.


Do try this at home.

But for now, keep cool & enjoy your Sunday.

Emma xo.


7 thoughts on “The secret to a perfectly flat cake.

  1. I have tried this before and I got a flat cake, but I had to triple the ingredients to get three flat cakes to stack. So it ended up being a much more expensive cake and with triple the butter, sugar, flour etc it REALLY becomes a sometimes food. There must be a happy medium!! I will search Pinterest….lol

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