Where to find the best porridge in Melbourne.

I don’t even have to say it. I love porridge. This is my second post third porridge post. I’ve put carrots in my porridge, and then I let you in on my favourite combinations

Now, if there is one thing I love more than breakfast food, it’s going out for breakfast food in Melbourne. And that there ladies and gentleman will be the reason I will never own a property.  That and my love of crockery and shoes. Anyway. As I have said over on my post at Scoop Nutrition, on the weekend it is likely I’ll be “waiting in line for delicious bowls of porridge and hashtagging #breakfastinmelbourne.”

And it’s true. Porridge is Melbourne is just so god damn good. So, I’ve put together some of my favourites.

Oat porridge with strawberry & rhubarb compote, violet sugar & pistachios.

Top Paddock

658 Church Street, Richmond

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

This beautiful bowl of porridge will brighten up anyones morning. Flowers. Rhubard. Violet sugar. It’s filling, not too sweet and will be the perfect breakfast before you tackle a morning shopping on Bridge Road.

Banoffee Porridge with caramelised banana, stewed dates, dulce de leche and toasted coconut crumble.

Lolo & Wren

484 Albion Street, Brunswick West

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This isn’t breakfast, this is dessert. It’s made with Uncle Toby’s quick oats and it’s amazing. The topping is deliciously good, sweet too. Maybe not the best option if you need to have a productive day. We all know what happens after a sugar high..

FYI – Banoffee pie is an English dessert pie made from bananas, cream and toffee made from boiled condesnsed milk. It can either have a pastry or crumbled biscuit & butter base.

Steel cut oats w caramelised banana, smashed pecans, toasted coconut, cinnamon and a chunk of honeycomb.

Rustica Sourdough

402 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy


I’ve never had real honeycomb before. It melted and was delicious. This was a super dooper filling breakfast. Oats with banana & nuts makes a protein and fibre packed breakfast.

Sticky date porridge with ginger yoghurt & cardamon vanilla bean poached pear, topped with pistachio praline.

Tom, Dick & Harry

242 Toorak Road, South Yarra


Tasted like sticky date. Enough said.

5 grain porridge with almond milk, chia seeds, maple-roasted banana, whipped coconut & peanut butter, toasted pecans & cacao nibs.

Red Door Corner Store

70 Mitchell Street, Northcote

red door

After a quick look at their website, I don’t believe this is still on the menu. BUT IT SHOULD BE. There’s a dollop of peanut butter on top. I honestly think this is the best pick of the lot. So so good.

Now for those of us needing a gluten free option, Melbourne cafes have embraced gluten free grains such as polenta and quinoa, and chia seeds.

Polenta Porridge with burnt maple, textures of strawberry & basil.

The Kettle Black

50 Albert Road, South Melbourne


I’ve only eaten polenta a number of times, once as a chip with aioli and then again instead of mash with lamb shanks. So I’m not 100% sure on what it’s meant to taste like. Nicole said it didn’t taste like Polenta. I personally thought it tasted like custard. yes.

Chia & polenta porridge with poached apple, raspberry coulis, almond milk and coffee praline.

Industry Beans

3/62 Rose Street, Fitzroy


This was really nice. Massive bowl, but the toppings were a nice addition, and the raspberry coulis mixed through was a nice surprise.

For oats with granola and stewed rhubarb on top, check out Miss Marie in Rosanna.

And lastly, for a bowl of porridge made with chai infused milk & topped with fresh fruit, check out my old local Lady Bower in Reservoir.


There are other delicious bowls of porridge being dished up around Melbourne. Some I have enjoyed, some not so much.

Porridge connoisseurs, where is your favourite bowl of porridge in the best city in the world?

I would love you to tag me on Instagram – @emmajstubbs – and let me peak in to your breakfast bowl.

Emma xo


6 thoughts on “Where to find the best porridge in Melbourne.

  1. Ohhh Lady Bower is my local, too!! I’ve probably bumped into you there without even realising hehe
    Also, I so need to get that Industry Beans porridge into my life… wow…

  2. OMG YUM! I didn’t realise how many I haven’t tried!
    Will need to try Lola and Wren and Rustica at LEAST before the weather warms up!
    Okay, and maybe T, D & H. And Industry Bean.

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