Build your bones with these non-dairy, calcium-rich meal ideas.

Happy Healthy Bones Action Week lovelies!

As much as I love dairy foods, I can appreciate that they are not for every one. Bowels, taste buds, preferences – we are all different.

I love that we can still achieve optimum bone health without needing to only rely on the conventional 1 glass of milk, 2 slices of cheese & after dinner tub of yoghurt. Even better, I love that we in Australia are so lucky to have access to such a diverse food supply and can experiment with other calcium-rich foods such as tofu, sardines, canned salmon, calcium-fortified non-dairy milks, almonds, dried figs. Trying new foods is fun. Sure, sardines may not be for everyone, and I can count on one hand the number of my clients that know how to cook and make tofu delicious. But hey, you don’t know until you try.

So as part of HBAW 2015, not only am I trying to encourage you to look after your bones, but I’d like to encourage you to expand your palate. I’ve put together a quick list of meal ideas that are packed with calcium.

Kick start your day with a coconut & quinoa porridge made with vitasoy coconut milk (it’s calcium fortified!)

Snack on some dried figs & almonds.

Lunch on a Sardine & Spinach grilled pita (recipe courtesy of Figureate Nutrition & Dietetics)

Top one medium pita bread with baby spinach leaves, basil, semi dried tomatoes. Cut up or mash 1 tin of sardines in BBQ or tomato sauce, and spread evenly over the toppings. Sprinkle with grated cheese or feta. You could also add mushrooms for extra Vitamin D. 

Or simply swap your lunch time protein for canned salmon (with the bones).

Wind down after work with Thai curry pumpkin soup, or have your dinner debriefs over a Tofu & vegetable curry. Or again, swap your the chicken in your stir fry for firm tofu.

Do you have a go-to bone-building recipe or snack idea?

Emma xo


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