Let’s stop the diets & start living.

Stop labelling foods as good or bad.

Stop cutting out the foods you love.

Stop looking for the quick fix.

Stop going to parties and telling people how you shouldn’t be eating this and shouldn’t be eating that.

Stop following fad diets.

Stop focussing on the number on the scales.

Stop going to work and telling your colleagues how you had a ‘bad eating’ weekend.

Stop worrying about carbohydrates, fats, gluten, wheat, fructose, dairy and everything in between.

Stop commenting on others peoples eating habits.

Stop buying clothes that don’t fit you yet.

Stop counting calories.

Stop feeling guilty because you had one slice of birthday cake.

Stop the food shame.

Stop comparing yourself to the girl in the magazine.

Stop comparing yourself to your friends.

Stop comparing yourself to your mother when she was your age.

Stop the body-bashing.

Stop using the word ‘diet’.

Stop the diets.

Start eating a rainbow.

Start listening to your appetite.

Start enjoying the food you eat.

Start eating foods that you actually enjoy eating.

Start focussing on your health.

Start trusting yourself.

Start tasting the food you eat.

Start exercising because it makes you feel good.

Start eating without the need to scroll through your Facebook feed.

Start appreciating the fabulous things in your life.

Start moving your body more.

Start treating your body with respect

Start standing rather than sitting.

Start listening to your body.

Start eating less processed foods and more whole foods.

Start wearing clothes than fit you now.

Start living the best life possible.

A life where you can do what you love, enjoy what you love and be with whom you love.

A life where you look after yourself.

A life where you do what is best for your body.

A life that is packed full of fresh, whole food paddock-to-plate goodness, with a healthy side moderation.

Because life is too short to be anything but balanced, satisfying and delicious.


 Emma xo


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