A letter to my mum this Mother’s day.

Dear Mum,

Thank you for making chocolate cake, teaching me how to make chocolate cake, and thank you for allowing us to eat chocolate cake. 

Thank you for buying us healthy food, and cooking us healthy meals.

Thank you for creating food memories of tuna bake, meat pie & vege, chow mein, left over chow mein on toast, and thank you for letting us have pancakes for dinner occasionally.

Thank you for never dieting around me. Thank you for not obsessing about food around me. Thank you for enjoying all foods around me.

Thank you for not creating memories of ‘I’m not eating carbohydrates’, or not eating our family meal because you were on a diet.

Thank you for never pressuring me to be thin, or to look a certain way, or to play (and be really good at) a certain sport.

Thank you for never making me feel like I wasn’t good enough.

Thank you for allowing me to grow my hair long, grow out my fringe and make my own bad hair decisions.

Thank you for not hating on your body around me. Thank you for not saying you feel fat or ugly.

Maybe you did, but I don’t remember.

I’m so grateful for that.

I don’t remember growing up with a mother that was scared of carbs, hated her body and was always on a diet.

I remember some of my friend’s mum’s doing/still doing that. I’ve listened to clients talk about what their mothers have said about their own bodies, their children’s bodies, their children’s food choices and the diet they themselves were always on. I remember the embarrassment when my friend’s mother commented on my chocolate bar that my friend and I had bought for a movie. Thank you for not doing that.

Thank you for giving up wine for 9 months to have me, supporting me in all my endeavours & moves, and making book week costumes. (Ben as Franklin the turtle still is the winner.)

Thank you for adopting my rabbit, listening to me word vomit/rant for an hour when it’s been like two days since I’ve seen you, and for doing the other 9546 things you have done for me.

Thank you for you reading my blog, not calling all supplements ‘resource’ & filling out the best food record chart my colleague had ever seen.

Thank you for being a star nurse and going off to care for the sick, so Ben and I could learn to care for ourselves.

Thank you for taking care of Ben and I, and Grandma Marie, and now Grandma Wendy.

There’s a reason you’re on the front of the annual report, Mum.

Thank you for being our superwoman.

Happy Mother’s day x


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