I just don’t really like these ‘healthy’ foods.

When it comes to food, I wouldn’t say I’m fussy. Sure, I don’t like Indian food. Or white potatoes. And I don’t actually like bacon. If you need to take a moment and catch your breath, that is okay. I do get that reaction a lot.  But I eat most things. And well from a nutrition perspective, not including those foods in my life is no big deal. But I have a confession to make. I just don’t like the following ‘healthy’ foods either.

Chia puddings. 

Chia seeds have been in my kitchen for ages. I love how they work. Their ability to be an egg replacement is fabulous, especially because when your mother has chooks – it feels wrong purchasing eggs in the supermarket. I have made cakes with them, I have put them in my overnight oats, and I sprinkle them on yoghurt, banana ice cream and smoothie bowls.

But chia puddings? Just no.

Chia pods came onto our shelves early last year and I gave them a try, but was never obsessed to pay the ridiculous price when I could buy a tub of Chobani (which I much prefer, and consider better for me) for $2.00.

But the other day I was aimlessly walking around the supermarket (It’s a habit I have) and came across a sale on chia pods. Somehow I found myself with not one, but two flavours in my basket. I chose coffee and mango, based on the thinking that I had tried the other flavours. Well I had about one mouthful of the coffee one before I chucked it in the bin. And the mango one? Turns out I’ve already tried it and it’s almost-vegemite like taste came rushing back to me.

I just don’t like them. The texture is gross. To me, they resemble what I imagine alien snot would be like. Or the drool from Fluffy.

Green juices.

A roast vegie salad for lunch, carrot sticks with hommus as a snack, and a stir fry for dinner. A quick calculation tells me that I’ve met my quota of vegetables for the day. Do I really need to blend 1 cup of spinach with 1 banana, some celery, a carrot and some avocado? (Is that even what goes into a green juice?). I’m just not a juice drinker. Yes, I do have one occasionally and I believe that juices can have a place in a healthy diet. But to be honest, that green foamy stuff that sits on the top is gross, and I just prefer to eat my vegetables.

Acai Bowls.

There is absolutely no denying these beautiful bowls of happiness have become a breakfast revolution. Foodie hotspots all over Melbourne have them. Nutrition bar, Combi, Sardi, and from what I understand the acai bowl from Little Big Sugar Salt is a must do.

But, you see, I have had an acai smoothie bowl at Nutrition Bar. Twice now. And I paid $12 each time. They come with topped with wonderful things like berries, banana, peanut butter and cacao nibs. They are well and truly instagrammable. But the flavour? It actually doesn’t really blow my mind.

Personally, I get huge enjoyment out of blending smoothie bowls out of frozen bananas, berries and yoghurt, and topping it with all the bells & whistles in my pantry. They taste pretty good, and they are still really good for you. So I really don’t feel the need to invest in acai powder.

Kale chips

I feel a typical instagram post goes like this : “Oh my goodness, tried Kale chips for the first time. Best thing ever. #cleaneating”

Well of course. Cover anything with some oil and a sprinkle of sea salt and it will taste delicious. Do I really need to say more?

Quinoa Porridge

Quinoa is great. It wins against rice in the fibre and protein stakes hands down. But when compared to rolled oats, things are looking pretty even. Except the creamy, rainy-day comfort. Whilst I do enjoy the nutty flavour of quinoa, and I toss it through salads and use as an alternative grain to rice or cous cous. I just don’t like it in my creamy bowl of rainy day comfort.

So I don’t like these ‘healthy’ foods, and that’s okay.

Because being healthy isn’t about how many ‘superfoods’ we can cram into our diet, or keeping up with the trends on instagram. As important as it is to fuel our bodies with nutritious foods, we must also enjoy the foods we eat. We shouldn’t feel pressure to conform to society and eat the foods social media and celebrities tell us we should be eating. Sure by all means, give things a go. You never know until you try. But don’t feel bad because you just would prefer a bowl of oat porridge with banana for breakfast rather than the smoothie bowl loaded with cacao nibs and goji berries.

There is no one sizes fits all approach to nutrition. And yes, I do keep harping on about it, and I feel like I say that more than I say ‘I don’t know what to order of this brunch menu’ (and that’s a lot). But until we all just calm down and take a sensible approach to nutrition and health eating, I’m going to keep saying it.

We are very lucky to be living in Australia. We’re pretty spoilt for choice when it comes to food. We have the luxury to eat what we like, whenever we like. The luxury to find the foods that work for us. The foods that make our taste buds sing and our bodies feel fabulous.

Have a lovely weekend.

 Emma xo


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