August rambles.

I think every time I have written a post this year I’ve said ‘it’s been a while between posts’. But has it ever. I might as well write September rambles because 2017 has got a way on me. This post is inspired by Heidi, who is inspired by Pip.

COOKING & EATING: My kitchen is very much similar to my July rambles – still lots of roast pumpkin and sweet potato, and grilled zucchini and whatever other greens I have in the fridge. Continue reading

July rambles: turmeric, tahini and turning orange.

It’s been a while in between posts. A long, but super quick while it seems. Right now I’m just wanting to share with you the things that are happening in my kitchen right now. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see tahini, turmeric, eggs, and plenty of green and orange vegetables. Continue reading